Help!!!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!

Why is this so difficult?  The weight has no problem packing on easily. Why doesn’t come off just as easily??  I am finding that eating right and exercising takes work and effort and planning.  There are days when I am rushed and didn’t prepare for the next day I feel totally lost in a fog. I fall back to old habits and friends (bagels, chocolate and soda).  This journey is not easy. I tip my hat to all of you who have succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off. You are my heroes. The sad thing is there is no secret elixir or pill. I just need to burn off more than I consume. And that is the hard part. Why does food have to taste so good? Why does there have to be so much of the “bad” stuff around? 

Sorry for whining. I’m done now. Time to get my act back in gear and deal with the situation. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. 

Life is fine. The weight is pouring off. I have embraced the vegan lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier!!  (Sorry too much???  LOL!!)

One bite at a time. 


My New Favourite Smoothie!!


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Here are the ingredients for my new favourite smoothie:

In my tall Nutribullet Cup:

Tall Nutribullet Cup

2 handfuls of spinach:


1 banana:


Frozen mixed fruit:

frozen fruit

Unsweetened Almond Milk – Vanilla:


1 Tbsp Chia Seeds:


1 Tsp Cacao Powder:


1 Tsp Macca Powder:

macca powder

Equals One Awesome Smoothie!!!


One more time


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It’s been a while since my last post. Easter has come and gone.  I sent my son off to basic training in the military (he’s joining the Canadian Navy).  A number of birthdays (Dad, Krystal, Avery).  Through all of these events I have learned a number of things about myself. 1) old habits die hard. 2) if you don’t plan you can’t execute. 3) I love food!  4) get the triggers out of your life.

When I’m busy and stressed I turn to food and not the good kind. Cookies, chocolate, pop (soda), junk food. These take me to my happy place. But only for a short period of time. After an hour or two I feel like crap. Both physically and emotionally.  This is an old habit that is hard for me to break. Somehow I justify it that it is only temporary. But when the scale starts to climb day after day I realize that it is not temporary.

Celebrations of any kind cause me to lose myself in the moment. I am with the people I love. The conversation is great and the food is awesome. This is a deadly combination for me. I lose track of my eating and drinking. Before I know it I have eaten way more than I should have and I physically don’t feel well. Why do I do this to myself?  Again I love the food and the moments.

Friday nights are the worst for me too. After being “good” all week, Friday night tends to be the “cheat” night. I seem to have cravings that I don’t have during the rest of the week. And if the “bad” or trigger foods are in the house, guess what I reach for?  You got it. And I don’t just eat one or two. No, I consume until I am satisfied for my tummy. Then my brain kicks in and says “Hey dummy!!  You ate way too much!!!  You are going to feel like crap in a bit and in the morning.”  And once again, he is right.

I happy that I am getting back on track. I am planning my meals during the week. I am taking a lunch every day. I am eating healthy. The weight is coming off again. This week I am down over 6 lbs.  But I won’t pat my back too hard as I am still heavier than my lightest weight this year.  But at least I am realizing my flaws and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.  This is a journey with many bumps, curves and potholes.  I just need to realize it, deal with it and embrace it.  Here’s to a good week.

One bite at a time.



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I was shopping in my local health food store yesterday when I paused to really look around. Both at the shoppers and the products. There were people who knew what they wanted. There were people who were being educated by the staff on the products. It was neat to see. 

The products on the shelves spanned the spectrum of what we consume. There were fresh fruits and vegetables (organic of course). There were packaged items (all healthy). Then there were the bottled, processed, dried and pill form items.  These were the items that got me thinking….why???

Why are we consuming items in oil and pill form that we can get from fresh fruits and vegetables??  Why do we think it is better to consume flax seed oil instead of just eating flaxseed?  I know the concentrations are different but are the benefits that much more? 

I am the first person to put some protein powder in my smoothie. I also add flax seed, chia seeds and now maca powder from time to time. It just fascinates me that with all the obesity in North America and a multi-billion dollar industry surrounding healthy lifestyle, we can’t figure out that maybe we just need to listen to what mom said when we were growing up, “eat your vegetables”. 

One bite at a time. 

Hurts so good!!  


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No pain, no gain is the normal fitness mantra.  Well I have been feeling that pain ever since my workout on Monday night. I did body weight squats, lat pull downs, bench press, machine rows, TRX rows (body weight) and planks.  The were supersets in groups of 2 with 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps.  I was feeling great after the workout. However on Tuesday I knew I had done something because my arms were screaming.  It is a great sensation knowing that your body is being taxed and healing and improving all at the same time. 

As for tonight that’s a different matter.  Tonight was leg night. Body weight squats (3 x 20), leg curls, leg extensions, 40 degree machine squats with 360 lbs of plates on.  After that it took a bit to find my legs.  The stairs in my house looked a bit daunting as I climbed them to get to the shower!!  I’m glad to say I made it. Not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Could be fun!!

One bite at a time. 

Drum Roll Please!!!


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This morning like every morning I stepped on my scale to check my weight. My scale is a digital scale where you initially step on it to turn it on. Once you see the 000.0 you can step on it to see your weight. But with this scale you don’t see the numbers climb. It flashes as though it is trying to determine how it can mess with you. And then voila a number appears.  Well this morning it really messed with me. But first a little background. 

Sunday I slept in late. 10:00 am late!!  So breakfast was a combination of breakfast and lunch. I wanted to be healthy so I made myself a double serving of oatmeal ( for me a “normal” single serving don’t cut it!!!). I topped it with some cinnamon, a few raisins and some maple syrup. Good so far, right?  The afternoon flew by. We had visitors and before we knew it was 5:00 pm.  A quick trip to the grocery store and got supper going it was 7:00. For dinner I made spaghetti squash with pasta sauce. That was it.  So all around a pretty healthy and “light” day. Back to this morning. 

So when the number pops up it is the same as Sunday morning!!! How is that possible??  I barely ate and no movement on the scale.  I step on it again. This time the number is higher.  Now I’m really losing it!!  That can’t be. I resign myself to the fact that the body is a complex machine. It does what it does.  I jump in the shower. After my shower I give it one more try. What???  I’m down 4 pounds!!!  Evidently the shower washed the excess pounds away!!!   

It truly is amazing that I can accept a drastic loss but not a constant number!!!  I think that I may want to replace the batteries in the scale. That may improve the accuracy of the data. I will let you know.  It tells me too what motivates and demotivates me. If that number doesn’t go down after a number of days of effort it would be so easy to throw in the towel. Why bother??  I know.  It has happened before. This time though feels different. I am older and hopefully wiser.  I’m just going to take it a day at a time. Let’s see what happens. 

One bite at a time. 

Wasn’t that a party


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Yesterday we celebrated our friend Pat’s 65th birthday.  It was a awesome party of catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a long while and meeting new friends!  Being there and talking with people made me realize a few things. 

People need people. We are social beings.  We need to talk to each other.  We need to share what is happening in our lives. We need to talk about our struggles. We need to express pride in our successes. We to laugh and hug and cry with others. We need to celebrate life!!!  Where we were and where we are now. 

We share common challenges.  Evidently weight issues are common amongst a number of people. Who knew!!  LMAO!!  Hearing from people at the party who read my blog posts made me realize that my sharings inspire and encourage others. I am honoured and blessed to know that. Things like that encourage me to stick my neck out and share my daily struggles.  I know not everyone cares about my posts but if I touch one person, I have succeeded. 

Knowledge is power. Through my own journey I have learned a lot about juicing and whole food plant based eating. I was able to share my learnings last night. It felt really great. Now if only I could put those learnings to good use in myself!!!  But that my friends is the daily struggle of life. 

Life is busy….keep in touch.  We need to take time to keep in touch with loved ones.  Life is busy. We have every reason in the world to keep to ourselves.  But we need each other.  Call a friend. Visit a friend.  We think that a visit needs to be something planned and elaborate.  The nicest visits are the ones that are simple and relaxed.  A pot of coffee and a few cookies can be all you need for an awesome visit.  (Cookies must be healthy of course!!!)  

One bite at a time. 


Well last night after my workout I enjoyed an awesome smoothie.  Once I finished that I was still a little hungry so I thought that I would be smart. I cut up a couple of apples and had a tablespoon of peanut butter with it. I thought that would be sensible. Evidently my body thought otherwise!! By the time I was in bed, my tummy started to gurgle ever so slightly!!  Then the gurgle turned to a rumble. Without getting too descriptive, it all came out quickly and without form, and for a long period of time.  It was so powerful that I forgot to do a courtesy flush which caused my future wife to nearly succumb to the fumes!!  

Upon reflection it made me realize that my stomach was getting used to two days of juicing. Anything foreign or fatty would be rejected quickly and summarily!!   Note to self: don’t ever do that again!!!  

On a positive note, I’m down 4.5 pounds in one day.  But we all know where that went!!!  Lmao!!

One bite at a time!!

What a week!

So this was the first week after Daylight Savings Time.   I don’t care what people say.  That one hour messes with me!  I have been trying to stay good with eating and exercising and it is working so far.

Since yesterday, I am back to juicing and doing a Reboot.  The first day is a bit rough but I made it through.  Today is a better day.

I have been finding that eating to maintain a consistent weight is extremely difficult.  I have tried the whole food plant based eating.   It is good but my problem is portion size.  That will always be my battle.  From time to time meat does slip onto my plate but nowhere close to what it used to be.  So my challenge will always be the balance between what to eat and how much to eat.  Right now I am doing the reboot to get the scale to show below 300 pounds.  From today that would be a 40 pound reduction.  Then I will switch back to solids to stabilize for a bit and see what happens.  If I need to do another reboot I will.

Hopefully with the warmer weather around the corner I will feel like going outside after work for walks or runs.  This really is a journey that has peaks and valleys.  I just have to figure out if I want to progress or stay in a valley and wallow in my misery.

One bite at a time!

Welcome back

So evidently I’ve been away from blogging for a while.  This has been due to a number of factors. Work, personal life, laziness have all been contributing factors in the lack of output on my blog. Well I am happy to report that I am back. 

February is a bit of a blur. My weight has been up and down like a yoyo. I am still in the 330’s.  I have not been able to crack that barrier as of yet. But I am hopeful that March will be a better month. I am trying to watch what I eat. I am going to the gym religiously.  I just need to be mindful of what I stick in my mouth.  I am still falling back into old habits of eating my stress foods.  I need to ensure that I am prepared for my meals and that I don’t get lazy. 

I want to thank my friends and family for being concerned about my absence on the blogging scene.  At times I wondered why I was doing this and if anyone really cared. Evidently I have followers!!!  Thank you for your support. I promise not to missing for too long.  So on that note I bid you goodnight and blog at you tomorrow. 

One bite at a time.